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The Miscarriage Mumma Campaign has been set up to assist people struggling with infertility and unexplained pregnancy loss.

We aim to raise as much money as possible over a twelve month period (2020) to assist couples in funding the private care they desperately need. We aim to help those who are unable to gain support and/or referrals via the NHS to access private investigations work, counselling and treatment plans. 

We have a number of fundraising events already planned and will be looking to organise more throughout the year. To see what we are up to visit our Facebook page and click on events. 



The Miscarriage Mumma Campaign

Lauren and Ricki got married in 2013 and decided to start trying for a family straight away. After a year of trying to conceive they went to their GP where both were sent for testing. 

After months of tests Ricki was diagnosed with Indeterminate Colitis which effects his fertility. With this diagnosis they were referred to the local fertility clinic as they were allegeable for NHS funding. Shortly after they began their first round of IVF which was unsuccessful. 

After a couple of months they threw themselves back into their second round, which was successful. They couldn't believe it. At their sixteen week scan they found out that they were expecting a boy, so excitedly threw a gender reveal party for family and friends. A few days passed and it was Laurens Birthday, they spent the day shopping and getting a few bits for their baby boy. After a good day they went home where Laurens waters broke.

She immediately went to hospital where she was given numerous options, none of which were positive. 

Having been in hospital for a week Laurens was induced and she gave birth to her beautiful baby boy, Freddie. Lauren and Ricki had two hours and twenty two minutes with Freddie before he sadly passed away. Numerous tests showed gave no reason as to why this had happened so they went on to plan Freddie's funeral.

In October they threw themselves into their last NHS funded round of IVF which was sadly unsuccessful. Lauren and Ricki now have no other option other than to fund further IVF rounds privately.



Miscarriage Mumma Campaign

After several months of waiting Laura & Harry were given the heartbreaking news that the Newcastle Commissioning Body had decided against their appeal for IVF funding.

Now the fund-raising begins!

Laura & Harry are not alone on this journey as we are here to help. The Miscarriage Mumma Campaign reached out to help Laura & Harry with their fundraising goal of £7000 which will be used to fund the treatment they need in order to get the family they desire. 

Laura needs specialist treatment in order to get pregnant following complications from her initial cancer surgery. She will need specialist treatment from a Leeds based hospital in order to implant an embryo through her stomach lining, this is Laura's only chance of getting pregnant. 

Please join us in helping this couple reach their goal by sharing their story, donating what you can or by getting involved and running your own fundraiser on their behalf. 



  • 17th June 2020 - We have hit our original target of £5000! We are extremely happy with the support so far however both couples have a short way to go to hit their own ! targets so we will be continuing our support in reaching their targets. 

  • 19th June 2020 - Harry & Laura have now booked their initial consultation with their chosen specialist. With only £1895 left to reach their target they are feeling very optimistic in getting the ball rolling. Congratulations guys on taking the first step. 

  • 1st January 2021 -The funds are available for the couples to use as and when they feel ready. Starting fertility treatment is a very invasive, mentally exhausting and tiresome process, anyone who is looking to start the process of fertility treatment must do so when they feel ready. Please remember fertility treatments such as IVF are not guaranteed to be 'successful' therefore it is absolutely vital that anyone undertaking treatment is in a good place to do so.

  • 31st July 2022 - The funds are still available to be used by the couples as and when needed. Laura & Harry have decided to change the direction of their journey and explore the idea of adoption. Lauren & Ricki are currently in the early stages of the next part of their journey having had a meeting with a fertility expert who has given them options to consider.