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Self care is different for everyone, as everyone is different so here are a few ideas to help start you off.

  • Daily Affirmations; daily affirmations are positive statements to set good intentions and enhance self praise. Daily affirmations promote a positive mindset, gratitude and confidence. Saying daily affirmations at the beginning of each day will form a positive habit and set a positive intention for each day.

  • Be Kind To Yourself; speak to yourself how you would speak to others, don't put pressure on yourself that you wouldn't put on others and don't compare your journey to others. Always prioritise yourself because you matter. Immerse in self-care, do all those things you've never had time for before, your journey is yours so be kind to yourself.

  • Take Time Out; taking time out after a traumatic, life altering experience is perfectly OK. It's OK to need a bit of down time to reconnect and ground yourself. There will be times when you just have to say 'NO' to protect yourself and that is OK. Cancelling plans, staying in your safe zone and putting things on hold is essential to doing what is best for you when healing.

  • Talk; Talking to someone is a great way to declutter your mind and help you release some of the upset you may be feeling. Don't keep your feelings locked up because you need to release them to start to heal. Hearing ourselves say how we are feeling often helps us gain a little clarity and closure. 

  • Focus on the Positives; Did you get out the house today? Did you get showered and dressed? Not everything has to be sunshine and rainbows but we can still celebrate our small wins even on the darkest days. 

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Sheamah Holistic Therapies

Sheamah Holistic Therapies have been and still are a huge part of my healing process. Working with Jules I have learnt ways in which to manage my anxieties, overcome my demons and allow myself the time I have needed to process what I have been through.

Jules has helped me understand the importance of self-care and enabled me to partake in retreats, meditation and reiki healing with the love and support I needed.

To get in contact with Jules at Sheamah Holistic Therapies click on the ‘Go To Website’ below.

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