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We have been lucky enough to have been accepted as one of the Lucky Severn Lottery causes, which means we now have our own lottery page!

We receive 50% of ticket sales but we aren't the only ones to benefit as 10% goes to other causes within the local area. Lottery draws are weekly and cost just £1 per ticket, you can sign up for a set amount of weeks or set up a direct debit to play indefinitely. 

To sign up simply click on the link below and search Miscarriage Mumma as your chosen cause to support.

You've got to be in it to win it!

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Collecting Donations


We are always looking for people to run fundraisers in aid of Miscarriage Mumma Support CIC, so if you are looking to fundraise or have an idea you want to put past us then drop us a message below.

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We are currently fundraising for the Well-being Workshops that we aim to offer FREE to anyone who has experienced pregnancy loss.

These workshops are designed to give people the tools they need to help ground themselves, anywhere, anytime they need.

We work together with practitioners and venues, at a cost to Miscarriage Mumma Support to provide a variety of activities and tools in order to promote better mental health and well-being.

We believe it is about giving people the tools, support and encouragement to deal with the trauma and upset presented by miscarriage in a positive and proactive way.

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Another way to support the Miscarriage Mumma Support peer groups and workshops is to purchase and donate items from our Amazon Wishlist. 

We have mad a Wishlist of items that we use in the support packs which are given to everyone who attends either the peer group or workshops. The list also includes items we hope to used at the peer groups and workshops.

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Raising awareness is extremely helpful in helping us reach a wider audience. This increases our chances of been seen by people who may need support as well as potential donors. 

You can help raise awareness through sharing, liking or commenting on our social media posts. Sharing our website link with friends, colleagues and family. We also have flyers that we can send out to be put up in work places or public venues. If you would like some flyers to distribute drop us a message below.

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Sanitizing Products


We are always on the look out for items to add into our well-being packs that are handed out to the attendees of each well-being workshop.

Things we are looking for are leaflets, products or samples.

If you are able to provide anything to go into the well-being packs then please click on the link below and drop us a message.

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