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Holding Hands


  • Acknowledge Their Loss; People often ask about the mental or physical well-being of the parents but rarely do people directly acknowledge their loss. Acknowledging the loss is important for parents to allow them to grieve.

  • Listen; we don't know how to find the words to make ourselves feel better, no words can change what has happened so we don't expect you to know either. Just be there to listen.

  • Be There; there is nothing like physical presence to let someone know they are not alone. Be there even to sit in silence because the power of physical presence is underestimated. 

  • Lighten The Load; Miscarriage is not only emotionally draining it is also physically draining, not to mention painful. Do what you can to lighten the load by cooking meals or helping with chores.

  • Let Them Know You Are Thinking Of Them; a simple text, call or message to let someone know they are in your thoughts goes a long way when someone is feeling alone. 

  • Don't forget Dad; Dad's are often forgotten about when it comes to miscarriage. Although they haven't experienced the physical loss they have still experienced a loss and need some extra support too. 

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