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With Love, Miscarrige Mumma.

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Welcome to my blog, Miscarriage Mumma!

I'd like to start by introducing myself, I am a 33 year old recurrent miscarriage warrior with the dream of becoming a mumma to a living child. I have been trying to have a baby for two years and four months... not that I am counting! During that period I have conceived three times, I have also miscarried three times, therefore I am a mother but I am an unrecognised mother as my babies didn't arrive in the conventional way.

All three of my miscarriages were completely different and all three tested me in completely different ways, I will elaborate more on that at another time. Since having three miscarriages I realised that no-one really speaks about miscarriage, people generally don't understand miscarriage and miscarriage is an extremely isolating experience. That is what has driven me to start this blog, to get people talking and I am guessing that you may be here for very similar reasons.

If you are here because you have experienced miscarriage then I would like to say I am sorry for your loss, I am sorry for what you have gone through and I want you to know it was not your fault. I want to tell you to be kind to yourself. Miscarriage is a traumatic time without putting extra pressure on yourself, this is not your fault so please don't treat yourself like it is.

I hope this blog helps in bringing you a sense of community, a sense of understanding and a sense of acknowledgement. We may not be able to hold our babies everyday, we may not be recognised as parents but we matter and we will be heard.

(All views shared are based on my personal experiences and my journey so far, I am not medically or professionally trained)

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